Camp Lincoln

At camp Lincoln we learned to put a harness on for rock climbing.  So we grabbed the two purple ends in our hands. Next we put the hard one in front ofus and stepped all the way over it so that the warning sign would be in front and not seen.  After that, we grabbed the right, long strip of line and let go of the front.  Then we let go of the right buckle.  When that part was done, we put our right line under so it went in the middle. We made sure it was tight.  After it squeezed, we grabbed it again, skipped the one we just did, and went under the one we started with. We remembered to keep it tight and do the same thing with the other side. Finally, we clipped ourselves to the rope and we were done with the harness.  Once we were done with the harness, Newt, the camp counselor helping us on the climbing wall, wanted us to guess a fresh water fish for who would climb the wall first.  I guessed it! So I went first!  It was really fun. It  was so lovely.  While I was up there, I looked down and screamed,  ”OH NO!!” It looked really high up.  I felt so stiff.  After I got off the wall, I got to go play games with Jess, the other camp counselor, but the event I liked the most was the rock climbing wall.